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If yes , you are in right place . Our wonderful Collection of Best Love Status set you amused and as well as cheer up. Love is the most adorable and fantastic feeling in the world. No one can explain the feelings when he/ she in love. Love Status for Whatsapp: After Miss You Status & Attitude Status, Today We are Sharing TOP Love Status for Whatsapp & Love Quotes with You. Now Days Everyone Likes to Set New Love Status for Whatsapp Everyday. If You are Among them, Then We are providing Large Collection of Love Status for Whatsapp & Love Status. 

Love is the mixture of trust love and care… Without dis is just like a phn wid a dead battery..

 My Love Is Not Completed With You. Help Me To Make My Love Complete.

Yeh teri aankho ka jaadu 😍 hai, yaa meri jawaani 😛 ka josh,

jab bhi dekhta 👀 hu tujhe udd jate hai 😍 mere hosh.

An Eye With Dust ‘n A Heart With Trust Always Cries.

I Know I’M Not Your First Love But I Hope I Will B The Last For You. ( Love Quotes )

When a girl ask me are you single i feel like moka moka

If Life Really Does Flash Before Your Eyes, I Only Want To See Pictures Of You And Me.

My search to tavern ended , I found myself inebriated by your intoxicating eyes

I Love You Not Only For What You Are But What I Am When I’M With You.

Ab 😍 khol bhi de apne pyaar 💑 ka darwaja,

tere dil ❤ ke baahar mai roj apni chahat 🌷 ki bell 🔔 bajaye khada rahta hu.

Best New Love Status in English For WhatsApp

You are so lucky if you are sad and someone is making an effort to make you smile.. 

Attraction Is The Temporary Love But Love Is The Permanent Attraction.

Ab tu 👸 hi soch tere mumy 👩 papa 👨 kitna khyaal rakhenge tera,

kya tujhe nahi lagta ki ab ye zimmedari 😌 mujhe👦 le leni chahiye.

Jo log 👫 sach mai aapke 👤 saath rahna chahte hai,

vo koi na ❤️️ koi rishta 🤝 talash kar hi lete hai.

Kaise kah du 💕 mohabbat nahi hai 👰 tumse,

munh se nikla juth 👀 aankho mai pakda ✔ jayega.

All love stories are beautiful but ours is my favourite

 I Love Our Story. Sure It’S Messy, But It’S The Story That Got Us Here.

Best Love Status checkout this list :

 Love Is Life Wi-Fi, You Can’T See It, But You Know When You’Ve Lost It.

If I was a tree, I would have no reason to love a human. 

Kisi chehre ki khushi 😁 ko apni 👤 khushi samajhna,

shayad isika 👉 naam sachhi mohabbat ❤️️ hai.

Kash 📝 mohabbat ❤️️ mai bhi chunav hote,

gazab ke bhasan dete tujhe 👩 pane ke liye.

Missing Someone Is Your Heart’S Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them.

Love is the perfect feeling that makes two imperfect people perfect for each other..

Kyun nahi mahsus 💗 hoti use meri taqleef,

jo 👸 kabhi kahti thi bahut achhi 👌 tarah janti hu tumhe.

Love + Trust + Honesty = Life Long Relationship

Ji nahi bharta tumhari 💁 tasvir se,

mang 🙏 lunga tumhe taqdeer 💕 se.

If you love 2 people at the same time, choose the second because if you really love the first you wouldn’t fall into the other one

Dil ❤️️ ko sakun milta hai, jab koi dost 👤kahta hai,

yeh to aaj bhi uss pagli 👰 ke liye pagal hai.

Everyday Of My Life Is Perfect Because It Starts & Ends With Loving You.

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Love is a language spoken by everyone but understoond only by heart……..

Best Love Quotes for Whatsapp & FB

Har baar maafi 🙏 mangta hu to ye mat ❌ samajh na,

ki galti meri 🙋 hai, bas tujhse juda 💔 hone se dar lagta hai.

 I’M Technically Single By My Heart Is Taken By Someone I Can’T Call My Own.

If you love 2 people at the same time, choose the second because if you really love the first you wouldn’t fall into the other one

We Can Not Fall In Love For The Second Time, If We Really Fell Out Of Love. ( Love Status for Him )

Mohabbat 😍 karne vale na ❌ jite hai na hi marte hai,

phulo 💐 ki chah 😋 mai vo kanto par se guzarte hai .

Honestly, I’m excited for the future. I know I’m going to be great and do great things.

I Know I’M Being Cheesy But It’S True I’Ll Never Find Anyone Quite Like You.

Top Best Love Quotes & Status

Rang 💏 liya hai maine saare rang 🎨 mai apne aap ko,

pata nahi kaun se 🤔 rang mai tumko 👰 pasand aa jau

#Cuddling with you until we fall asleep is the best feeling ever.

Don’t fall in love, rise in love everyday.

When You Love Someone, You Just Do. There Are No But’S, No Maybe’S & No Why’S.

Where Their is Love Their is Life!!

If a hug represents how much I love you i’ll hold you in my arms forever

Without You, I’M Nothing, With You, I’M Something. Together, We’Re Everything.

Love is FAITH and faith is FOREVER

I Just Want You To Be Happy, Even If I’M Not The Reason Behind That Happiness. ( Love Status for Whatsapp )

For Once, I Don’T Have To Try To Be Happy Because When I’M With You Is Just Happens.

The space between ur fingers is meant to be filled with mine…

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